Prometheus, the Movie – It Promises and Almost Delivers



This is the sort of adventure movie that I'm usually drooling over, the missus simply tolerating and along for the ride. This time, as the popcorn and nachos disappeared, she leaned over and whispered, "I really like this!" It's a Ridley Scott flick, and by the time of the missus' exclamation, I was seeing the movie's predictability.

If you haven't seen it, here's a teaser: Where did we earthlings (as a race) come from, really? 

Picture a space ship called Prometheus that's hot on the trail of mankind's origins. It zooms all too quickly to an outer space outback that shows clear signs of humanoid presence. But all too soon, there are wiggly, slimy complications. The missus liked the movie's anthropology angle. I, on the other hand, expected something on the order of the first Matrix move – something that makes viewers see the human condition in a completely new light. Instead, think Sigourney Weaver and erupting chest cavities. Nineteen-eighties-style gross-out fright movies die hard, I suppose, and I walked out into the Smoky Mountain summer disappointed. Still, there were intriguing ties to the "other" Ridley Scott film, and the cinematography and soundtrack were captivating.

Oh, yeah. If you want to amp up the gross-out, you can see it in 3D, as well as the conventional 2D.

My rating: 15 of 20 stars 


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