Amazon consumer reviews just as accurate as professional reviews, Harvard study suggests | TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics

For some time now, I've maintained exactly what this article indicates about both Amazon reviews and those by the pros. To get an accurate take on a book from Amazon's reviews, trash over half of the near-perfect reviews and all the totally bad reviews, and you'll come up with a pretty good assessment of a book's worth. Wisdom of the crows, and all that.


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TechCrunch reports on a new study from the Harvard Business Review that suggests that Amazon reader reviews of books are, on average, at least as good as those of professional book critics. The professionals, the report suggests, may not always have incentive to be completely objective, tending to give better reviews to authors who have written for the same publication, and giving worse reviews to novice than established authors.



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