What Nora Ephron’s Career Can Teach Writers

  1. Even with writing from staples of the journalistic essay – sex, romance, humor, and, of course, NYC – Ephron found ways to freshen up those old subjects and make them contemporary.
  2.  In the 60s, during a protracted newspaper strike, she and others began their own newspaper, where Ephron continued to hone the humor that paid such dividends for her later in Hollywood.
  3. She didn't just write for a paycheck, either; she used her journalism career to develop a unique voice and style, and  a feminist pose, these eventually making her as much a part of the New Journalism as Tom Wolfe, Joan Didion, Hunter S. Thompson, and Norman Mailer.



image via photos.lucywho.com

There, writer, you see? She had a habit of doing the lemons-to-lemonade thing, forever vaulting over the ho-hums of her writing life, the seeming drudgery and obstacles that will always send wannabe writers back to selling widgets. Have faith in your writing goals, forever develop your writing toward those goals through whatever writing opportunities you have, and run toward even that tiny speck of daylight you see ahead. I think this is what Ephron would tell you, if you had but asked – what she can still teach you, simply by tracking her fabled career. 


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