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For those who are thinking of DIY publishing, this analysis should be edifying:


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In my last post I mentioned that Bob and I decided to switch our POD (Print on Demand) needs from Lightning Source to CreateSpace. Many readers here at Write It Forward requested an explanation on why?



2 thoughts on “Bob Mayer’s Blog

  1. I haven’t. Smashwords does pay a high percentage of the list price as royalties (80-70%), but (my understanding is that) they don’t market their books as aggressively as other major e-book publishers, such as CreateSpace, for instance. They tell you on their website what’s true in all book marketing cases: you have to do your own, via websites, blogs, personal appearances.
    Also, Smashwords doesn’t abide by Digital Rights Management, i.e., a technologically inclined reader can share a non-DRM e-book with anyone, and you get nothing in return.
    I only mention CreateSpace again because I’ve worked with them to re-publish an out-of-print book and a novella the traditional market wouldn’t take on, but CS/Amazon allows readers to “borrow” an e-book for free from their Lending Library, and you get paid per each via a LL fund.
    Still, Smashwords may be just the ticket for you, but you need to investigate all the major options before deciding.

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