A Noble Tool For Aspiring Writers

I’ve subscribed to this ambitious writer’s mag magazine for a lot of years now, and my relationship to it has changed over those years. I used to plumb the interviewed writers’ minds for writing tips, always unsure of my own skills. But you can’t write seriously for two decades and not grow past such, and that’s my story here.

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Fall Books Preview: 20 New Releases to Check Out – Eleanor Barkhorn & Ashley Fetters – The Atlantic

The below intro to the article says it all regarding books releases. You might find fault with who’s on the list and who isn’t (there are more than those on the artwork below), but I suspect you’re like me: you’ll find two or three here you just can’t resist reading:

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Writers and Problems

I really like this quote, about a sensibility you learn in writing classes, but I think it tells only half the story. Not ony must the problem emerge, but it must ensnare charcters, maybe change the world they live in to a degree.

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Much Ado About Some Things

This is as close to a themed issue as I’ve seen from The Atlantic, and as you might expect, the focus is on this year’s Presidential election. For someone who follows politics, there’s little new here, despite James Fallows’ gaming of the Romney/Obama showdown, a bit on the Latino Vote, and the most talked about article of some time , Ta-Nehisi Coates’ critical evaluation of race in America from the standpoint of the U.S.’s first black president. But back to that in a minute.

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Magazine Time – – Comin’ Up!

The trouble with opinions on magazines (and I’m always full of opinions) is that they’re edited with the general public in mind. Thus, you might find only an article or two in each to address your concerns or push your buttons. In fact, having done a little of this sort of editing in the dimly lighted past, I have to take my hat off to anyone who edits periodicals – its a mighty task!

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A Novel Hanging by Many Threads

It begins with an Irish man looking for his brother in New York, the brother some sort of sidewalk saint, who, well, does what he can for the down and out. In and out of this story walk many characters: several hookers, some office workers, a Guatemalan nurse, a judge, and a high-wire daredevil, to name a few.

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