Just Like Starting Over

image via cyber-kap.blogspot.com


This past week, after 20 years of research and planning and then six months of writing, I've finished a first draft of another historical novel. Now begins the task of editing. I'm pretty good at that, even made a few bucks at it. But here's where you prove you're a writer. In the world of DIY publishing, e-books and the like, it's easy to rationalize that the larger effort is over:

  • This first draft looks pretty darned good, doesn't it?
  • After all, if they don't get what I'm doing, well, screw 'em.
  • What the hell, it's all marketing anyway. 
  • There are some big names who don't write as well as I do.
  • Besides, editing is boring.

But do you want to have something you can justify to a big-time editor or agent? To finicky readers?

Then keep editing. Make it as good as you know how. Don't be embarrassed a year, a decade from now – all because you stopped short of your best effort.

I plan to make this one my best. Bank on it.

See Bob's WebSite here.


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