The Master – the movie

I’ve probably been too harsh above on the story line, but it was a slow burn that flickered and went out with hardly a warming touch.

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The Ice of Winter

Auster gives you some of that, but what stands out to you is the writing: the fluid, run-on style in which sentences can last half a page, paragraphs that go on interminably, but without boring, without allowing your mind to wander, making use of the first person tool of “you” instead of the usual “I,”which has that distancing feeling that a memoir deserves. A style with an affinity for lists (places he’s lived, sweets he’s eaten), a running rivulet of emotions regarding family, lovers, places he’s been, people – good and bad – he’s been related to or otherwise known.

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Bucky Fuller’s Vision and Why I Continue To Write

Fuller was born near-blind. Consequently he had to use his tactile sence to relate to early schoolwork. While we were all using building blocks (Leggos, maybe) to construct in a fledgling way what turns out to be a most inefficient and irrational reality, Fuller’s tectile sense was creating things from triangles that were far more sound and efficient than our “square” cartesian world.

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Cereal and Serials

Amazon has eight Kindle Serials for sale so far. In some cases, it’s tapping authors who’ve previously published books with Amazon Publishing. (“I got the gig because Thomas & Mercer picked my previous novel, Jewball, off the KDP self-publishing pile, and we all got along,” Neal Pollack, the author of a Kindle Serial called “Downward-Facing Death,” wrote in the book’s online forum.) Three are from a startup called Plympton. The company was cofounded by former New York Times reporter Jennifer 8 Lee and novelist Yael Goldstein Love. For the three titles, Amazon paid Plympton up front for a licensing deal that includes digital, print and audio world rights for a limited time.

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Bucky Fuller Lives!

Years later, I discovered the Synergetics books of R. Buckminster Fuller (inventor of the geodesic dome and the dymaxion car). btw,I don’t suggest reading them unless you have a lot of Excedrin for the ensuing headaches. Just suffice it to say that Fuller’s work did lay out the basis (still accepted by almost no one in the technical disciplines) I’d been looking for.

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