Bucky Fuller Lives!

I have to mention this.

Really. I have to.

When I was in school, studying the engineering subjects that led to my future career in civil engineering, and a few required cross-disciplinary subjects,  I spent a great deal of time trying to connect the dots between them. So much time, in fact, that I didn't deal sufficiently with the details of each of these "smokestack" disciplines.

I had the idea that there was an underlying common ground between electrical theory and fluid flow, for example. Between the geometry of surverying courses and the then-fledgling computer language algorithms. Okay, I'm being too technical, but I imagine you get the idea. If I could find that common ground, I'd have the inside track on understanding them all. But the language and math of each of these disciplines was just different enough to leave me twisting in the wind. 


image via netheatregeek.com


Years later, I discovered the Synergetics books of R. Buckminster Fuller (inventor of the geodesic dome and the dymaxion car). btw,I don't suggest reading them unless you have a lot of Excedrin for the ensuing headaches. Just suffice it to say that Fuller's work did lay out the basis (still accepted by almost no one in the technical disciplines) I'd been looking for. 

Still more years passed. I tried to develop Fuller's ideas into a new concept of geometry, and for a while I taught it, mostly to puzzled expressions and misunderstanding minds. Still, I thought, it was there, and I put it into a book that occasionally sells a copy or two.

Then recently I saw an ad in the local newspaper for a play being put on in the town where I live about Bucky Fuller – –  R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery)  of the Universe – and as Fate would have it – the set was designed by dear friend Sylvia Pierce.

I haven't seen the play yet, but here's a review of this local production. But finally I can say this: Fuller, who resisted separations between the various technologies – and technology and art – is about to have his work gain a very deserved rebirth.


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