The New Jim Crow/The Millions

I tend not to include political broadsides here (and this really isn’t one), but it’s hard these days to ignore the increasing-although-somewhat-subtle racial-moves-of-resistance in the U.S. as the nation slowly morphs from a WASP-populated and controlled nation to a truly diverse one. The book profiled in this link might be a good one to read […]

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The Dawn of Barzun’s Decadence

I came across Jacques Barzun (see link below) in the late nineties as his book, From Dawn to Decadence – 1500 to the Present – 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, began to gain traction. I was still bogged down in an engineering career then, had divorced my first wife and 2.4 kids, and was […]

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Amazon Good, Amazon Bad has its benefits, particularly for struggling writers, but is it good for the book biz in general? The UK would likely say no for the moment. It has a near-monopoly over the e-book biz in Europe at the moment, and monopolies quickly find ways to act in high-handed fashion, as the article linked below […]

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A Work (Almost) Done

This week I finished writing and editing a historical novel set in Europe immediately preceding the year 1000. It’s in good enough shape for Lyn, my “second set of eyes.” She’s an excellent editor as well as a gifted writer, so it’s in her hands now. image via I always feel I’ve done a […]

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Books Redux

I’ve been grazing through a list of indie publishers this morning, seeing what they’re about, what they want in the way of manuscripts. All, it seems, are looking for the odd manuscript – the one you wrote just for the hell of it, saying, “I don’t give a damn whether it’s marketable or not – […]

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