Books Redux

I’ve been grazing through a list of indie publishers this morning, seeing what they’re about, what they want in the way of manuscripts. All, it seems, are looking for the odd manuscript – the one you wrote just for the hell of it, saying, “I don’t give a damn whether it’s marketable or not – I’m gonna write it.”

Two Dollar Radio

Along the way, I discovered Two Dollar Radio Press(sorry not accepting submissions at the moment), and within their “About” link I found something that should encourage all writers frustrated by the lamestream pub biz:

It’s depressing: our cultural beacons have been hijacked and transformed and de-valued. Their light is diminished, their currency is no longer valid. We live in an inspiring age. The corporate ideology has run its course in book publishing, which spells the death of print to many. But as evidenced by the bevy of awards (including Nobels, National Book Awards, and Pulitzers), the best-sellers, and the critical acclaim of the work being done consistently by independent presses, literature can succeed in the digital age on a responsible scale. The idea is to restore literature’s standing in today’s culture. It’s possible. See Barney Rosset at Grove. See John Martin at Black Sparrow Press. There was the belief that literature could inspire and inform and sway culture. Our hope is to do our part in reaffirming the cultural and artistic spirit of literary culture.

Okay, let’s get to work.

Visit Bob’s Web Site here, and his FB Fan Page here.

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