A Work (Almost) Done

This week I finished writing and editing a historical novel set in Europe immediately preceding the year 1000. It’s in good enough shape for Lyn, my “second set of eyes.” She’s an excellent editor as well as a gifted writer, so it’s in her hands now.

Sylvester II

image via commons.wikimedia.org

I always feel I’ve done a near-perfect job when I get to this point, and I’m often fooled by such high-flown thinking. Of course, there’s always another perspective to be had, and I trust Lyn to give me that.

So. While I’m waiting for her to work through her many other responsibilities toward my novel, I’ll see if I can come up with a good query letter. Anyone know an indie publisher for thoughtful historical fiction?

Visit Bob’s Web Site here, and his FB Fan Page here.

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