Hunkered Down In This War

Fobbit, by David Abrams   What a difference a few decades makes, but I’ll come to that in a bit. David Abrams’ book, Fobbit, is perhaps the most comprehensive look yet, through the lens of fiction, at the U.S. involvement in Iraq. Its cover blurbs want us to compare it to Heller’s Catch-22 and Vonnegut’s […]

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Borschland, Anyone?

My pal Dave Frauenfelder has a really interesting book out, Skater in a Strange Land. It’s imaginative, and Dave is an excellent writer. But rather than tell you more, I think his book trailer says it all. Visit Bob’sWeb site here, and his FB Fan Page here.

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Good News Coming!

Due to a serendipitous happening, I’m to be interviewed tomorrow on Phil Naessens’ internet radio show. The subject? He found and read my novel, A Place of Belonging, liked it, and we’ll talk about that during the interview. The show – and the interview – which airs predominantly in New York City, I believe, will […]

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Writer’s Therapy

I’ve been working for a month on what’s turned into a very long (some 7500 words) “short” story. That’s been good; it’s allowed my first-person narrator’s mind to wander and thus to complicate the story. The challenge there was to allow a reader into his river of connected thoughts (bouncing back and forth in time) […]

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