Indie Presses – Filling the Gap

Poets and Writers, November/December, 2012

What with the drama that continues to unfold within the publishing world, a drama that seems to be benefitting no one these days, it seems, except the corporate masters and their stockholders, the world has gotten a whole lot harder for us writers to negotiate.

But what’s that I hear? A bugle call and a regiment of indie presses coming to our rescue? Yep, and they’re trying all sorts of hybrid mixtures to sell their writers’ books and, possibly, gain some attention from the publishing giants. This issue is dedicated to the whys, wherefores, and whos of indie publishing, and every enterprising writer should pore over this issue.

Some of these new books are arty paper issues, others pushing the digital envelope, and still others are simply filling in the short-story and novella gaps that mainstream publishers ignore.

Sadly in this kerfuffle, the university presses are being hit – hard. Strange that in academia, where innovation is supposed to be an everyday occurrence, these presses are becoming lost in the failing, traditional modes of publishing. Something to think about, no?


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