Truth In Australia

Creative Nonfiction, Fall 2012

Australia, as a continent, is unique: its flora and fauna, it’s native people, and the circumstances that brought white immigration to the continent. All are rather unique in the ongoing story of planet Earth. So Lee Gutkind was well served to focus  an issue on Australia.

Two pieces of nonfiction that stand out to this reader/writer are – and much of what draws my attention to nonfiction these days – is a sense of outrage. Still too close to the just-ended election cycle here, I guess.


Madelaine Dickies “Battling Collective Amnesia,” concerned with the plight of Australia’s aboriginal peoples.

Second – and here we leave Australia as palette for writer:

“Over the Moon: Our Waning Love Affair with Science,” by Robyn Williams. A number of reasons cause this to be a topic of concern, one being the growing egoistic fascination with belief-devoid-of-supporting-facts. Another being that so much of our “reality” these days is of a virtual, technologically generated nature, and that’s making us collectively unsettled.

That’s perhaps why we tend to eschew fiction these days for such magazines as Gutkind’s, for anthropology and “the way things were,” even if such things don’t help us embrace the reality of the present.

Visit Bob’s website here, and his FB Fan page here.


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