My Tech Friend (This Isn’t Meant To Be a Commercial)

I think I’m up on techie things, but I’m sometimes a little slow to see their complete worth. My four year-old iPod touch had been worn out by use and abuse, and I recently bought a new one, the 5G version.

iPod 5G

I had bought the old one principally to listen to music (I had digitized all my vinyl and cassette tapes, and had them stored in my iTunes library, along with other iTunes bits and pieces I’d bought, and was happy). Then I discovered podcasts, and all but quit listening to my tunes during my daily walks. Soon, though, videos began accompanying iTunes downloads, and I started watching them on that wee screen. So it wasn’t a grand leap to “Mini-Me” movies.

I couldn’t send e-mails with the old iPod – some flaw in the works, I suppose – so that was limiting, but I began checking in with my Facebook pals, and found myself carrying on conversations with friends there during family TV time – much to the consternation of my wife.

Then came the 5G.

Now, I converse via e-mail without flaw (except for my fumbling typing). Siri, the voice-activated helper,  saves me many touches when I want to know a sports score, or when wife Becca poses some trivia-type question concerning something we’re watching on TV. One easy swipe, and I can take a picture of something or someone (remember those post-photo op moments when you mumbled “Gee, I wish I’d taken a picture of that.”?).

This new, enhanced techie relationship I have with the iPod Touch is a little creepy when you think about it – I mean, what’s next, a robot butler? Still, I put those thoughts aside and increasingly enjoy its assistance.

Hmm. Maybe an iPhone the next time around?

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