The End of Excuses

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but for 2012 as a whole it is. E-books have been emerging for a while, and what with the publishing industry meltdown, self-publishing is the place to be for serious writers frustrated by the only creativity the major pub biz seems capable of – – ever new reasons for turning […]

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A Monthly Liberal Arts Education

  Harper’s Monthly, January, 2013   My modus operandi when it comes to blogging about magazines is slowly morphing, and this post will evince possibly another evolutionary step. I don’t know whether I’ll return to posting about specific articles and stories, but this issue yearns for a few pithy words of summary. I normally try […]

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The New World Comin’ Atcha

  The Atlantic, December 2012 Much talk transpired in the just-over election here in the U.S. about jobs, and James Fallows and Charles Fishman take up the post-election slack in this issue. Manufacturing jobs are returning to the U.S. for a handful of reasons, say these two. One being that the haul distance between raw […]

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Perhaps Christmas week is the wrong time to blog magazines, but I am left-handed, after all, and tend to pay scant attention to convention. I will, of course, sandwich these around my usual Pogo Christmas greetings. Harper’s Magazine, December 2012 I suppose a year-end issue of a magazine like Harper’s will draw on the finest […]

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