Becoming People People Again

Two writing friends and I are setting about the process of forming a writers’ co-op.

Why, you ask? What’s to be gained? Won’t it take you away from your writing? First, we’re a hybrid trio. We’re approaching both traditional and self-publishing options. I have a contract with an indie publisher for a book to be released in March of 2013, another one of us has had interest in a YA novel from a passel of NY agents, and another of us is writing a fantasy series, the first already self-published, in hopes that subsequent sales can attract a major publisher’s interest.


But we each realize the benefits of collaboration. In fact, we’re already collaborating on the writing. The main reason for the co-op, at least at the moment, is to pool our thinking, connections, and various talents in a business sense to help all three gain traction in the publishing/sales world.

And yes, it will take us away from our individual writing – to assist and encourage each one’s best writing and productivity. All too often even the most famous and engaging writers will remain stubbornly tied to the computer doing what we all love – writing. But the circle isn’t complete without gaining readers, meeting readers, discussing what we’ve written, hearing how our writing affects others. It’s all about humanity, observing and loving people and commenting on humanity’s strengths and foibles through both fiction and nonfiction – becoming people people again


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