The Alchemy of Irony

This is something of a postscript on a previous post on a popular subset of postmodern literature, something you can find here. Despite postmodernism’s recognition of literature’s limitations – and this includes the limitations of history’s previous accountings of events, as well as our attempts to explain the human experience through philosophy – this particular, […]

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Immovable Objects, Irresistible Forces

Harper’s Magazine, February 2013 The price exacted for good journalism is, occasionally, a cynical screed. Reporters look at events and public personalities with a practiced, often jaundiced eye and, I suppose an occasionally overly critical piece is to be expected. This is the case with Thomas Frank’s take on the Spielberg movie, “Lincoln.” The movie’s […]

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Living Breathing, In-depth Journalism

This month’s abbreviated magazine week showcase begins here: The Atlantic, January/February 2013 Sometimes New Years’ resolutions really amount to something more than good intentions and, given that The Atlantic actualizes such intentions at the start of 2013, this issue gladdens me. It’s a return to in-depth reportage on a number off fronts. There’s a lot here […]

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Personal Complexities and Power

Thomas Jefferson – The Art of Power, by Jon Meacham A friend of mine, who at the time was deputy commissioner of a state agency in Georgia, had a very large portrait of Jefferson hanging on the wall outside his office. Each occasion I had to visit his office found me in the anteroom taking […]

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The View From Afar

I’ve always suspected that we in the U.S. are a rather insular bunch when it comes to our homegrown literature. I’m probably “worse” than much – I remain smitten by Southern literature, even to the point of jumping on that train as a writer. You gotta be what you are, you know? But in this […]

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The Thing About Printed Books

You might think this article would be for literary Luddites, who prefer Gutenberg to Steve Jobs. Not so, according to its author: “E-books are not simply a better format replacing an inferior one; they offer a wholly different experience.” Thus, there’s room for both in the modern experience.   Mashable   Visit my web site […]

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