The End of Newsweek-ly Journalism


Newsweek hasn’t been a news weekly for a while now. In this devoted reader’s mind, it’s been a journalistic sham since Tina Brown took over and the magazine had to carry the blogger baggage of The Daily Beast.

In this final edition, Brown does give credit to Christopher Dickey for carrying the journalistic ball, but a single person can do it all. As I read this final print edition, its synopses of the magazine’s finest moments, it’s apparent how far this magazine has fallen. My 40-year subscription ended with this issue, and in a way, I’m glad it’s no more. It will now be dropped into one of Dante’s hells – the one in which something insignificant happens every five seconds, whether it be Elton John’s latest sunglasses or a cat-fight between two bloggers, the two selected so that the sum total of their education, life perspective, and the cause(s) they espouse adds up to nothing.


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