Going It Alone?


There’s a great article in The Atlantic today about about The Daily Beast‘s enormously popular writer Andrew Sullivan leaving to establish his own writing and publishing venture. What with the emerging D-I-Y approach the traditional publishing biz has by default made virtually necessary, we’re going to see more of this in coming days. 


Sullivan has a broad readership, and as I’ve already said, he’s popular across the spectrum of media. So what of the rest of us who are interested in building a following for our writing ventures? 

I’ve been at this through social media and other digital conveyances for several years now, with some limited success. I’m sure there are tons of others out there with similar experiences, and like me, wanting to do even more. So what’s the next step?

Along with two writing colleagues, that step for me is a writing and publishing co-op, just now being formed. We’ve known one another for some ten years, and have worked together to shape up one another’s writing, through emotional support, some fledgling business collaborations – and by the red-ink-filled critique pen. It’s worked well enough, and we enjoy our collaborations enough  – we think – to make this venture happen. 

I’ll write more as we add flesh to this venture’s bones. Meanwhile, if you have questions, comments, or even suggestions, we’d love to hear them.


Visit my web site here, and my FB Fan page here.

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