The missus and I had been wanting to take in this flick for a month or so, but it had quietly gone away. Following its recent awards, though, it came back, and we beat feet downtown, through traffic thick at the northeast snow to see it.

For those who don’t yet know, the move was based on a CIA scam perpetrated at the end of the Carter Administration, and at the expense of the Irani government, just following the advent of Iran as an Islamic state. Six CIA employees had escaped the American Embassy in Tehran as revolutionaries stormed in and famously took the remaining Americans hostage. The escaped six ended up at the Canadian embassy, and a plot was hatched to send in a CIA escape master, played by Ben Affleck, to get the six out.

The hatched plot? Affleck was to be a Canadian movie producer and the six were to be his crew. Today such a plot would be easy enough to see through, but in a time of such Irani chaos, it worked.


The movie is a lot like those quasi-topical flicks George Clooney makes (he was a co-producer) and was done up perfectly as a suspenseful period piece, so if you like movies of the Clooney/Affleck/Damon movies, you’ll love this one.

The movie will surely be nominated for Oscars, but does it deserve such? It balanced patriotism and geo-political realism very well, to its credit. However, the movie didn’t seem to take itself seriously, which damaged its import somewhat. So with the trove of ultra-well-done movies this past year, I think mere nominations are the limit of what Affleck’s movie deserves.

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