Breaking Through the Educational Barrier

Seeds For Change: Education Reform in Context, by Dr. Jennifer Little


In this rather short book, Dr. Little asks hundreds of questions, all hard ones, all prescient ones. Her project here isn’t to reinvent education per se, but to ask what it will take to reinvent what was once the world’s most vital system of eduction. As adjuncts to her questions, she delineates a number of obstacles that will likely prevent the best answers: Erroneous assumptions. Resistance to change. Legislative meddling. You get the idea.

Her belief here is clearly that U.S. education can be reformed from the inside out by expanding the responsibilities and impacts of public education to students, parents, teachers, and the communities at large.

Still, her approach here is generalized, as are her proposed tenets for what must be done. All the same they seem grounded in practicality, she a person who has clearly experienced the gamut of educational guidance, from student to lower grade teacher to researcher. She espouses limitations –  doing “what will work.” Performing valid scientific educational research. Working for the greater good of U.S. society. Expanding our idea of what is possible in eduction.

What seems missing here is some notion of a strategic plan, so that her questions may take root in a focused manner. Perhaps that will be the subject of future works by Dr. Little.


My rating: 17 of 20 stars




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