The Charm of Wealth and Fame

Life Among Giants, by Bill Roorbach I bought this book with fingers crossed. Usually when I buy a book I don’t really know much about or an author I’ve never read, I hedge my bets and buy the e-book version. So buying this one in hardback was an article of faith. But this time my […]

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The Man In The Moon

This is a memoir piece I wrote a number of years ago. I really believed in it, but had no takers until recently.     Thank you, Ray’s Road Review! raysroadreview Visit my website here, and my FB Fan Page here for more on ideas and events that matter to me – and possibly to you.

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A Novel Approach

I’m taking a new approach to the novel I’m now writing, the one I’ve had on my mind for some months. I’m winging it!   Just starting with the germ of the idea, not knowing how the next chapter will fall out. So far it’s working, and I’m amazed! How, really, do you come to […]

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Sam’s Place Is Here!

My new book, Sam’s Place, published by Massachusetts house AuthorMike Ink, is officially launched today, March 25, 2013! Want to find out more about it? There’s a great book trailer and an audio version of the book’s first story at my website, linked below. Thanks for any help you can give us to make this […]

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The Hard and Bloody West

  The Ladder of Rivers, by Harry E. Chrisman   One of my grandfather’s brothers married an Olive woman, and in digging into that, I discovered that one in the Olive family had a famed but checkered past. Who, you ask? One Isom Prentice Olive, known in his day as Print Olive – a cattle […]

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