If Nonfiction Were Truth

Creative Nonfiction, Winter 2013


This is one of those issues I just couldn’t stay interested in. Still, I’m glad I made it to the back pages and a roundtable discussion between Chris Jones, Thomas Lake and Ben Montgomery, roughly on the state of journalism today.

What with the urge to beat bloggers to a story, there’s the temptation in journalism to snatch up what facts you can and embroider them together. Not a good idea, say these reporters. Persistence is the key to filling in the gaps in stories with the necessary minutiae facts. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t report until the story unfolds; you simply have to tell what you know and reach no further conclusions.

It’s also okay, these three agree, to report in non-sequential manner, as is sometimes done in creative nonfiction – but let the creativity end there.



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