True North is Compass True


The publishing industry being the upside down mess it currently is, two friends and I decided to take the subject in hand, shake the tree – if that’s not a mixed metaphor. So we devised what we believe to be a new approach to writing and publishing, a writers and publishers cooperative. Rather than try to spell out its evolution here, I’ll just give you below the text of a press release we’ve developed.

Does it work? It’s too soon to be sure, but three heads are always better than one. We challenge and support one another daily. In this biz, keeping spirits high while staying grounded is the key to persistence and remaining pointed in the right direction. I’ll let you know how it goes.


True North Writers to honor Doris Betts and North Carolina literary heritage


(ASHEVILLE-DURHAM, N.C.) – True North Writers & Publishers Co-operative, a newly-formed independent writing co-operative, has announced a series of public meetings and readings that will recognize their mentor, North Carolina Literary medalist Doris Betts, and celebrate North Carolina’s distinguished literary tradition.


“Our inspiration for founding True North came directly from Doris,” says David Frauenfelder, one of the trio who, with Lyn Fairchild Hawks and Bob Mustin, makes up True North Writers & Publishers. “She was the one who told us to trust our talent, develop it, and never give up. We want to give back to her memory and put into practice what she taught us.”


Frauenfelder, Hawks and Mustin met a decade ago after winning places in a writers-in-residence competition sponsored by the North Carolina Writer’s Network. Here, Betts “changed our lives forever,” according to Frauenfelder. Now the trio has joined forces to critique, edit, produce and promote their books, support their future work—and to praise Betts and others who have written true North Carolina classics.


The literary tribute will take place at various venues throughout the state. Each will share a memory of Betts and how his or her current release, from which they will also read, was shaped by their beloved mentor.


“We’ll encourage attendees to participate as well,” says Hawks. “Be ready to tell your story about your favorite North Carolina author or to read a passage from a favorite book.” Frauenfelder, Hawks, and Mustin will also share their individual paths pursuing diverse genres: fantasy, suspense and thriller, and literary short fiction, respectively. “True North, to us, means local writers telling true stories,” Mustin says. “The truth of the heart as well as true to reality. That’s what we want to do, that’s what we want to give to our readers.”



Facebook: True North Writers and Publishers Co-operative :: Twitter: @truenorthwrite



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