An Excellent New Voice, Well Presented

The Flat and Weightless Tang-Filled Future, by Lyn Fairchild Hawks


Many short story collections these days come in something of a random format, the stories a montage of writing experiments, tenses, and tones, as the writer tries to unfold and develop a voice. Not so with this one. Fairchild Hawks has developed a voice – one that’s edgy, humorous, slightly dystopian at times, and taking on all forms of family and relationship dramas.

These stories’ arrangement is somewhat against the grain, too, compared with the here-there-and-everywhere, throw-it-together-and-publish-it attitude toward publishing such collections. Most editors, agents, and publishers will tell you that short story collections are something like literary afterthoughts. Again, not so with this one. It’s well thought out, from “By The Water,” in which a young woman and man drift apart ideologically and then romantically, to the title story, in which a marriage becomes a jaded lie.



Fairchild Hawks is a writer who has apparently spent her time honing her writing before rushing into print, and it shows in this first published collection. You’ll see more and more of her in print, I suspect, and you’ll be reading an important new literary voice as she reveals more and more of her talent.


My rating 19 of 20 stars




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