A Writing Coach Becomes a Listener/NYT

William Zinsser’s work on creative writing has influenced countless aspiring writers – up close, though his tutoring, and from afar through his long-time best-selling book, On Writing Well. Now blind and 90 years of age, he’s still doing what he’s always done. That should be inspiration enough for all writers to keep on keepin’ on. […]

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The Mysteries Lurking in Mind

  Black Dogs, By Ian McEwan   I still find it odd that some (if not most) people will never re-read a book. I’ve just re-read this one because it was my first McEwan and I was so unfamiliar with his odd story structure that the essence of the book didn’t stay with me. But […]

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Stellar Writing Will Out

How Wendy Redbird Dancing Survived the Dark Ages of Nought, by Lyn Fairchild Hawks Sometimes a novel steps out of the safety of genre and takes its chances. Fairchild Hawks’ book is one such, and by my reckoning, it’s a success. The story here is of Wendy, a fatherless sixteen year-old girl coping with a […]

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Something New (and Short)

I wanted to have an audio version of my new book, “SAM’S PLACE,” down, but the cost was prohibitive. Then I started playing around with Garage Band, and discovered I can record easily on it. So… …now I’m half down recording the stories – Southern stories in my Southern voice. Then to have it mastered […]

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