Riding The Road To Freedom

One of my Facebook friends is a fellow named Brian Heffron. Like most FB connections, I don’t know Brian, really, never met him, but I make an effort to follow the writers among those connections, and Brian is one of those. He’s on Goodreads, too, touting a new book of his, Colorado Mandala, and recently came up with a provocative idea, in the form of a Goodreads discussion:



His questions is, “Why has there not been a sub-genre of literature, particularly fiction, regarding  the socio-political changes fomented during the ‘Sixties? His answer is a bit of a non-sequitur – While the various movements of the ‘Sixties seemed to flame out and die in the ‘Seventies, the several generations of young people since then have been keeping that ethos “The Dream” alive, in  sort of a retro fashion.

But those changes didn’t die at all. They went through a winnowing process in which the less beneficial aspects of that multi-headed movement, were socially culled. However, many of those changes survived and are at the forefront of today’s social dynamism.  So why, asks Brian, don’t we begin a new genre he wants to call Liberation Lit? The idea here is that since the ferment of that time meant decades of perspective-gaining, why don’t those of us who have either lived through that era or have studied it, begin to write about it now, putting it in perspective?



If this idea floats your boat, here’s a rough idea of what Brian is about, in connection to Colorado Mandala.




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