To Write, To Write, To Write

    Poets & Writers, May/June 2013   These days I’m more interested in learning/ discovering how to wedge a place for myself in the publishing game, but there was once a time when writerly chops were hardly developed. And P&W is as good a source as any for fostering that. The mag is slowly […]

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Selling the Obvious

    The Atlantic, May 2013   If you’re a political and cultural junkie like me, then you surely know that the media delivers its insights on those phenomena in a multi-repetitive way. This issue of The Atlantic is an example of that, but you can’t really blame them; some harried people want their news […]

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To The Bone

    Harper’s Magazine, May 2013 Harper’s Magazine is peopled by idealists. Whether that’s a good thing, of course, is an argument I won’t have here. Jeff Madrick’s “The Age of Cruelty,” in true progressive fashion, portrays the Reagan Era (1974 to 2008), as the title suggests, a time when parsimony has governed over our […]

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A First Podcast!

  Finally – another dream made real! The link below will take you to the first GridleyReview, a re-do of last week’s post on W.J. Cash’s THE MIND OF THE SOUTH. Check it out at the link below, which will take you to my website. Let me know what you think.   GridleyReview     […]

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A Literary Repent

  Iron Horse Literary Review, Volume 15.1, Open Issue 2013   Okay, I’m prepared to repent. I’ve dissed IHLR more than once in this blog, and while earlier issues seemed worthy of such scorn, this issue and the one prior are worth admiration and praise. Such praise follows: This issue contains the work of four poets […]

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