Personality Clash



The Atlantic, April 2013


I’m a little late with this post, but in this day of the personality cult, we feel obliged to know, not just about issues, but about the people who make the issues. As much as I dislike this, The Atlantic has done us a favor by giving us some in-depth reporting in this issue on such newsmakers.

One on these, the centerpiece of this issue, “Monarch in the Middle,” by Jeffrey Goldberg, shows us the hot seat King Abdullah of Jordan sits on, and explains – at least partially – how he’s reacted to  being caught between Shi’a and Sunni, between the U.S. and Israel and the rest of the Arab world.

Another, by William D. Cohan, “What’s The Deal With Donald Trump?” about the celebrity dumbass, explains just how clueless he is in trying to bully his way into having us believe he’s among the richest of the rich. I mean, as if we care, right?

Another, social article, “The Touch-Screen Generation,” by Hanna Rosin, gives us a peek at children’s growing attachments to iPads and similar gadgets and how they may change education and society forever.

Perhaps the most intriguing article is an interview with Eric Anderson by James Fallows, “Life on Mars,” in which space aficionado Anderson insists that we’ll be colonizing Mars by century’s end.

Yes, we’re a personality-absorbed world now, but The Atlantic is doing something good with it.



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