Missouri and Writing





You wouldn’t think of the Midwest as a hotbed of literary and creative writing – unless you’ve been to the Iowa Workshop, or are a fan of one of that area’s fine stable of writers, such as Ron Hansen, one of my favorites. And I wouldn’t have thought of literary tech innovation coming from that section of these United States. But there it was in my e-mail Inbox – the Spring 2013 edition of The Missouri Review.

Digital litmags from university presses will likely be more prevalent in the future as legislatures cut “trivial” educational costs and TMR, it seems, is ahead of the curve. The digital presentation here is very well done – it reads like a book or magazine, and you can click left or right to turn pages.

The writing? Its subject matter is diverse – always a good sign, and the quality of writing is very good, although not scintillating. But then this is the sort of venue where up and coming writers showcase their developing chops.

All things considered, this is a litmag you should check out – maybe even subscribe to.




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