A Literary Repent



Iron Horse Literary Review, Volume 15.1, Open Issue 2013


Okay, I’m prepared to repent. I’ve dissed IHLR more than once in this blog, and while earlier issues seemed worthy of such scorn, this issue and the one prior are worth admiration and praise. Such praise follows:

This issue contains the work of four poets and two short fiction writers, and all are eminently readable and enjoyable. I’m not a poet and don’t feel worthy of much in the way of poetic critique, but I found Bret Foster’s selected pieces here thoughtful, well-written, and poetically vibrant.


Of all the pieces here, I enjoyed Sarah Mollie Silberman’s story, Breakables, the most. Her dialogue sparkles, her characters are real and varied in their makeup, and the story roars by like a runaway locomotive. If there’s one thing that I felt approaches weakness here, its the faddish present tense she uses. It works fine in scene and dialogue, where things are of the moment, but in narrative you feel its distancing effect.


Michael Cooper’s Conchs is a worthy story, too, even though it begins a bit sluggishly, only to gather speed as it goes along.


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