Poles Apart

Time to recap my fave magazines from last month. You may or may not agree with my assessments, so if not drop me a line. If your riposte is well thought out, I’ll put it up here. Harper’s Magazine, June 2013   As I’ve implied in previous posts about Harper’s, they are what they are. […]

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How to help…Hmm

I’ve been thinking for some time about the best way to provide legitimate help to indie writers. Writing scrupulously honest reviews can seem a bit unfair, I think – those books published by major publishers have the advantage of serious editing and proofreading, which are the main elements missing from the indies I read. And […]

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Of Movies, Sleep, and Politics

Sleep has been a dependable commodity for me for a few months now, but last night the lack-of-sleep demons returned – for a brief sojourn, I hope. So I watched what’s probably the most underrated movie ever, John Sayles tale of complicated life at the Texas-Mexico border, Lone Star. I had just read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ […]

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Transcending the Political: The Millions Interviews Rachel Kushner/The Millions

I’m personally fascinated with politics as a composite view of the nations of the world, their people, their cultures, their economic and religious views. But how does such fascination affect one such as me, who is involved in one or more aspects of the arts? Or more succinctly, how does art intersect with politics? Or […]

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Putting Character Before Story

  The Interestings, by Meg Wolitzer   Given my stance on this particular strain of postmodern American literature, I shouldn’t like this book, but I do. It’s character-heavy; These imagined people meet as children in Camp Spirit-In-The-Woods, and in a certain camp teepee, decide they’re darned special, special enough, in fact, to call themselves the […]

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