You Don’t Have To Dress Like a Turnip


There was once a National Lampoon vinyl album (yes, that long ago) in which a person, barely heard in the spoof audience kept saying, “Hey! I’m dressed like a turnip!” Finally the spoofed emcee said, “I see someone out there in the audience dressed as a turnip.”

In the age of mass media, mass everything, if you’re trying to stand out in you field, you have to go about it inventively. If you’re a writer, this doesn’t mean you have to put on a loincloth (or the feminine equivalent) and come into a book signing swinging on a vine. But if people who happen to be in the bookstore see your appearance there as ho-hum, they’re going to think your writing is, too.

That’s why I’m posting a link to this blog. Sitting in a store and hoping someone will like the way you part your hair won’t sell books. So do a reading. That may not do it either – I often see readings as working as well as Sominex. So give a presentation. Make it lively. Get your audience involved. They just may buy copies, then.



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