Oddside News That Works

   The Atlantic, September 2013 How to publish responsible journalism but appeal to the weirdness a sensationalism-loving public craves…hmmm… Whatever you do, whatever you write, make sure technology is at the core of it. This is what The Atlantic attempts in this edition, and it seems a success to this reader. The lead story, “The […]

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Digging for the Unknown

The Writer’s Chronicle – September 2013             I always find this writer’s mag interesting to read, even if a particular issue has little to offer me concerning my own perceived writerly issues. But I have to say that with this issue the editors managed to step out onto a creaky […]

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Texas Old and New

The Son, by Philipp Meyer Meyer has written a great, sprawling tale of Texas in The Son, and its passage from the land of Comanches and feral cattle to the Lone Star State’s version of modernity. To depict this passage, the author gives us the McCullough family, beginning with adventurous grand sire Eli in the 1820s and […]

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