The Math of Book Sales

A couple of notes here for writers:   The most recent episode of Publisher’s Weekly gives a veritable mathematic analysis of what’s being sold in books lately, particularly print books. So – bottom line? Juvenile and YA are decreasing in sales. Mystery and suspense are selling well in print. Romance is selling in both hardback […]

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Saving U.S.

Okay this post is going to be a bit of a thematic stretch, but it really does edge into my media theme for this blog. The missus and I have been watching a lot of British TV programming lately, and I find myself comparing it to the domestic TV fare. Of course any casual watcher […]

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Of Ornamentation and Avoidance

  After reading (hurriedly) this jeremiad of Jonathan Franzen’s, a couple of recurring themes jump out: Yes, we writers – and everyone else, it seems – want to adorn ourselves with superficial things (and what could be more blatantly so than Miley Cyrus’ latest butt-waggle). We struggle, not so much for relevance, but for adulation […]

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A Breath In A Windstorm

There are some 150,000,000 blogs on the Web and well over 100,000,000 websites. Ever wonder how you manage to get any hits at all on yours? One seems to be a breath taken in a windstorm, and yet some have tons of followers. Now, this isn’t a how-to to draw traffic to a site; I […]

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Common Sense and Happiness

  What Happy People Know – How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life For the Better, by Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth   I don’t normally post on such books; I don’t normally read them, in fact, but it was a birthday gift, and I thought, what the heck, people should know […]

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