Being a Writer

Okay, so there’s an explosion of “writers” out there. MFA programs are vomiting them out by the bushel. Publishing companies are full up, writer groups and societies proliferate, and the Internet bristles with writerly come-ons of all shapes, sizes and prices.

But is being a writer a hobby? C’mon, get serious. I mean SERIOUS!

Does being a writer make you a professional? Nice try, but maybe you need to get back to that Business Admin. program.

Does it make you a craftsman? You’re diddling around the periphery now.

A calling? Ah. You just got out of Sunday School, didn’t you?


Okay, let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that it’s what you are. But what does that mean?










I’ll start a list here. If you’re on this wavelength, answer these:

  • Do you have (and always have had) a compulsion to describe things you see around you to the person you’re with at the time?
  • Do you find it irresistible to embellish when talking about things you’ve done, things you’ve seen?
  • Do you like puns? Plays on words?
  • Do you invent new ways of saying things, even when those around you look puzzled or roll their eyes when you spring them?
  • Do you compose sentences while in conversation before you speak them?
  • Does anything seem to be fodder for a story?


Okay, your turn. You have the mic now.



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