Common Sense and Happiness



What Happy People Know – How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life For the Better, by Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth


I don’t normally post on such books; I don’t normally read them, in fact, but it was a birthday gift, and I thought, what the heck, people should know about these common sense principles.

We do live in an OCD society, a greedy one, in fact, and whether you’re upwardly mobile, a day laborer, or a professional content in one’s own skin, we’re pushed every day to do more, be more. It’s a society that panders to our insecurities, a society that only accepts fame and fortune as normal. But as we find in the book, normality as it applies to the human condition is in how to feel complete as a person. That might mean family for some, creativity for others, professional status for still others…and on and on.

This book gives the authors’ case histories as supporting evidence for knowing who and what you are and finding a comfortable position for that self in today’s society. The problem? Externally, you’re going to seem a bit abnormal when truly happy, but that’s the value of happiness: It tells you that inner contentment will govern over those outer compulsions.

It’s worth reading; it summarizes what you probably know inside and encourages that. Sort of a guerrilla approach to success in living life.


My rating 15 of 20 stars



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