A Breath In A Windstorm

There are some 150,000,000 blogs on the Web and well over 100,000,000 websites. Ever wonder how you manage to get any hits at all on yours? One seems to be a breath taken in a windstorm, and yet some have tons of followers.


Now, this isn’t a how-to to draw traffic to a site; I do all the right things and still I’m not ready to sell advertising on mine. What this is, though, is a reflection on what this phenomenon means.

We’re all different; we dress uniquely (more or less) and we all have our quirks (lordy, lordy, don’t we?), and what we choose to put up on the Web is likely just as unique. We might be hate fueled, spewing invectives, or we may be be bliss-ninny New Agers. Or dumb (or otherwise) jocks. Or movie fans. Or religious types trying to out-Jesus everyone else on the web. Whatever. We put out there what makes us feel at home with ourselves.

But what does the mosaic look like? The composite snap of all of us clamoring, slavering, trying to be…something to ourselves and one another?

Well, it seems to change a lot, by my view. It takes in our external environment, and the one closer at hand. It has its lulls and its jumping-bean extravagances. It has its beautiful moments and its pissy attitudes.

It would be hard to catalog or depict all this in even a relative microcosm, but one thing does describe it: expressiveness. We’re all out there in cyberspace expressing. And I’m going to leave it object-less. What we’re expressing isn’t as much to the point as the fact that we’re expressing. That’s us. That’s human nature.



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