The Math of Book Sales

A couple of notes here for writers:



The most recent episode of Publisher’s Weekly gives a veritable mathematic analysis of what’s being sold in books lately, particularly print books. So – bottom line? Juvenile and YA are decreasing in sales. Mystery and suspense are selling well in print. Romance is selling in both hardback and paperback. Academic and university press book sales are (supposedly) booming. I insert the parens because I keep hearing that U presses are in dire straits. Perhaps this is because these presses aren’t being managed well, or their subsidizing by the universities is drying up.

And how are e-books doing? Well enough, among mystery, but their percentage of sales hasn’t yet pushed past 20%, for the most part. Perhaps taking chances on new writers writing innovative pieces? Are you listening, e-book publishers.

To get the straight numbers and deeper details, go to Publisher’s Weekly.



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