Commonly Known, Well Reported

The Atlantic, October 2013


I’ve been on edge for some months about a slight sea change in The Atlantic, a delicate balancing act between pandering to the reading public’s voyeurism and true reportage. But this issue brings back solid reporting on issues well known via various grapevines, but little reported. 

Yochi Dreazen’s article, “The New Terrorist Training Ground,” brings us up to date on the amorphous world of global, political insurgencies, focusing on the headway such groups have made in Africa. 

Gregg Easterbrook, in “How The NFL Fleeces Taxpayers,” instructs us on how the NFL holds their franchises ransom and forces taxpayers to pay the richest sport’s bills. And in a related article, Amanda Ripley, in her “The Case Against High-School Sports,” tells us of the costs we pay for high school sports in a time on dwindling funds for public schools.


There are book reviews here, cleverly cast as “The Culture File,” right where such high profile book reviews belong.

And perhaps the most prescient piece here lies in a half-page article on page 28: Rebecca J. Rosen’s “Violence is Contagious.” Yes, video games and TV violence really do beget real life violence. 


All told, a fine issue with many deserving articles I haven’t mentioned here.


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