It’s a Guy Thing

I came across the blog post linked below this morning about Hemingway: the writer I’d probably hate being around, but whose work continues to enthrall me. The post lists a few of his many “accidents,” something I can identify with. When we’re beyond trying to impress women with our physical exploits, when we’re no longer […]

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The Complications of Terrorism

Season of Terror – The Espinosas in Central Colorado, March-October 1863, by Charles F. Price I came across this book while doing a book appearance of my own at a local indie bookstore, and it kept my attention long enough for me to buy it. It’s not the sort of semi-academic book I’d normally buy […]

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The Artist and the Work

GF Readers, I’m finally back, my eight-day absence caused by a total knee replacement, and I’m more or less in the pink once more. Thanks for hanging in there with me and GF.   The Writer’s Chronicle, December 2013   Writers, how much have you thought about your personal relationship to your creative work, completed […]

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P&W’s Slant on Self-Publishing

Poets & Writers, November/December 2013 Being a writer caught between the traditional and the self-pub worlds, I’m always drawn to the what-ifs of self publishing articles and advice columns. P&W seems to be aware of this changing reality, given that an annual issue appears on that subject, so I dug in to this issue – […]

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