The Artist and the Work

GF Readers, I’m finally back, my eight-day absence caused by a total knee replacement, and I’m more or less in the pink once more. Thanks for hanging in there with me and GF.


The Writer’s Chronicle, December 2013



Writers, how much have you thought about your personal relationship to your creative work, completed or not?

Well, you say, I have ideas, I develop them, edit them, and either publish them or stick ‘em in a drawer for a rainy day.

That’s not quite the answer I’m looking for. How do you relate to the voice of what you write? Is it the same as your everyday talking voice? Did your article or story end up exactly as you planned it, or did it take on a new mood or slant on the subject matter once it was in progress?

Hopefully these questions will stick with you long enough to get to the news stand and buy this issue of Writer’s Chronicle. Julie Wittes Schlack talks about this sort of connection, between mindfulness and the memoir. Sometimes you get caught up in creative whirlpools within when approaching your subject matter, says poet Stephen Dunn, and you either swim for shore or you fight it out, perhaps become that whirlpool, leaving some of your best work in your wake. And then there’s the near-perpetual concern about connecting activism and art, says Natasha Saje. But, she says, what writer pays attention to activism when they’re deep into character, voice and mood? (I’m paraphrasing here.)

These considerations concerning connecting self to creative output may be a bit out of reach for writers struggling to develop a style and voice within a particular genre, but not to worry: as you refine your writing’s technical aspects, the ways in which self and output differ and connect will slowly emerge.



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