The Brave New Future


Note: I occasionally post on magazines; I’ve always read them, and would seriously bemoan their passing. While I don’t have the time to do all the mags justice that I might have an interest in, I do try to post regularly on the ones I think have the most substance to offer readers.


The Atlantic, December 2013



I remain heartened by this magazine’s approach to informing its readers. Much of what interests me here is apparently gained from polls on various subjects, particularly the modern effect of male-female interactions.  In a similar form we come face to face with capitalism’s amoralities, and their effect on social unrest.

If this causes you unrest, don’t read the article on inmate control tactics in the nation’s prisons – a subject mostly hidden from the public – the article leaving this reader wondering how widely these tactics might be applied to the rest of us.

Too, we gain insight into John Kerry and his approach to foreign policy, which may very well ask you to wonder what he might’ve been like as president.

One subject bound to unsettle readers has to do with data and data mining in the workplace and how that might affect your life as a worker. Altogether fitting for sure, but big data need not be a workplace onus. Such data systems, properly used, can set workers free from almost all clerical work and much of the drudgery of reports, analyses, and the like. Why not, for instance, set these freed workers down in front of the organization’s future, using them creatively to further improve such organization’s products and services?

There’s more here, of course, and The Atlantic is doing those of us committed to reading this fine magazine a most welcome journalistic service.



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