Does Reading Actually Change The Brain?/Futurity


This article tells us that reading stories puts us into the story in a way more real than we would have thought. Fractal theory in turn tells us that certain systems (let’s call them stories) repeat infinitely, tons of these systems (stories) embedded in others.

Why were even primitive humans fascinated with stories? I have a theory.

A story is in a sense the life of a system, whether that system is the life of a quasar, a solar system, a planet, a civilization, a family, a human life, etc. And if we sense or observe each of these systems in terms of its “story,”or its life, then we’re mentally fitting ourselves into this fractal. So if this is true, when we read stories we’re doing two important things:

  • We’re creating a new sense of reality, an alternate reality, if you will
  • We’re fitting that sense of reality into our own fractal system (story) and into the larger system (story) that we’re a part of.

What’s important about these? We’re seeing/sensing our proper place in the order of things, and so we’re noticing order somewhere within the chaos of our personal story. That alone should make reading worthwhile, shouldn’t it?



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