Poetry and a Little More



The Writer’s Chronicle, February 2014


I’ve known for a long time that academia has been a refuge for writers. Now I suspect most of them are poets. Writer’s Chronicle is read largely, I think, by such academicians, and a lesser number of writers such as myself.

The poetic good tidings spread here range from an interview with an older, idealistic poet of yesterday, Sonia Sanchez, to Ravi Shankar’s assessment of collaborative writing.

Patrick Coleman writes of James Joyce’s troubles in having his work published (the good: it made him rewrite; the bad: he opted to make of himself a literary personality, rather than focus purely on the writing). Bottom line? It’s hard to be published, always has been.

And finally, there’s an interview with David Anthony Durham, who tells us everything we already know about the difficulty in being published – but from the point of view of having been there.

Once more, TWC has a lot to offer poets in this issue, very little for us, the more prosaic ones, to hang our hats on.



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