Art Leading the Way

  Longtime writers, with some modicum of success, usually write such books as J. M. Coetzee’s here. Writers often dredge the pages looking for writerly insights, but as is the case here, other intellectual disciplines can also benefit from such writing. The bottom line seems to be that the best of creative writing asks the […]

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Art and Time in Literature

Worried about structuring your next novel, writer? You readers out there don’t get why the writer hopscotched back and forth in time? This old post on a very fine novel, A Girl In Hyacinth Blue, may help both reader and writer. A hint: Monitor your thoughts for an hour or so. See how they constantly go from […]

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The Vagaries of sex

  If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the social transformations that occurred in the ‘Sixties. They may not have registered then as serious changes in our social fabric, but you’re no doubt able to look back now and shake your head, amazed at how things have changed. Take sex, for instance. That’s the driving force […]

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Do You Trust Book Reviews?

  In this post, I finally came to grips with the way books are professionally reviewed – and why. It seems to me that this puts an onus on book bloggers to get things right.   Visit my website here, and my FB Fan Page here for more on ideas and events that matter to […]

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The Folly and Fog of War

I’ve often heard that the ones who see the wort of war don’t talk about it; it’s the “hang-backs” who see the glory, the romance to such nasty business. Still, time can heal somewhat, and so can a decades later memoir of conflicts such as the horrendous ones on the Eastern Front of WWII.  Such […]

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