Why Do We Rage So?

  Memorial Day is on my mind this morning, and while it’s altogether fitting and proper to honor those who were sent to fight the U.S.’s wars of the 20th and 21st centuries, it’s a shame that it had to come to that.  I continue to read on Facebook and other social media posts by […]

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Two Totally Fine Writers

Tim Gautreaux and Terry Kay are two very under-appreciated Southern writers – except perhaps in their homes states of Louisiana and Georgia respectively. Both are great storytellers, great wordsmiths and fine people to boot.   Check out their work, and what I have to say about them at the links above.       Visit […]

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The last decade has been an eye opener for me regarding the broad expanse of subject matter in novels around the world, the novelists and their work in faraway lands, and the styles of writing. American writing differs from that of most other nations, it seems to me, in that American novelists have given much […]

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The Patience to Re-live a Life

  Researching and writing biographies is a noble pursuit, particularly for certain writers. Me? I feel too rushed – always have – to take on the piecing together of a famous life, one shrouded by the passage of years and myth. Ron Powers has done a great service to the life of Samuel Clemens – Mark Twain, […]

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Revolutionary and Reading Blind

  The better writers across the world realize that they, through their writing, can be agents of change. Portuguese writer Jose Saramago was precisely this. But better not to overtly rail against the established order; better to cast parables, simple but profoundly incisive metaphors, as a way of allowing readers to see the world anew. It’s […]

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