Looking for the Universal in Literature



It’s so very tempting as a writer to have an agenda, to put your own personal set of ethics up front in whatever your write. This is the thrust of many religious writers, who get a serious case of “feel-good” by doing so. But are you underestimating your readers in doing this? Take Tolstoy, for instance.

You can look long and hard and not find a writer who was/is more devout in his/her faith than Leo Tolstoy. Still, he had the good sense to look for universal truths in his writing, as he made plain in this very short book of his. To my mind this accomplishes a very good thing – the one thing literature is all about: he puts his story and characters into a cultural context, but he couches the issues of the story in such a way that just may urge the reader to dig deeper than the personal, the current ethos.

Doing this is the heart of literature and, I believe, the thing that continues to urge readers to keep turning pages.


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