Why Do We Rage So?



Memorial Day is on my mind this morning, and while it’s altogether fitting and proper to honor those who were sent to fight the U.S.’s wars of the 20th and 21st centuries, it’s a shame that it had to come to that.  I continue to read on Facebook and other social media posts by real life friends there and the virtual “friends”of those media wishing better things in the world and in the country we yanks inhabit. But on the other hand, I read angry posts, even true friends of mine that want to settle disputes and ego injuries with weapons or fists. I read posts that wish our national borders closed to those who wish to take part in the promise the U.S. seems to ever promise. That’s sad. Sad.

But these self serving postures aren’t indigenous to the U.S. only. Problems and inequities abound worldwide. That’s why Ayaan Hirsi Ali has risen to celebrity status world wide. She has stood against the way women are treated, against religious bias, and for personal dignity, for the desire of everyone to reach a state of happiness and personal fulfillment. It is, it seems, that some people feel threatened by people such as Ali having their own sense of fulfillment, and until we can allow that without it being a threat to our own egos and our own sense of destiny, we’ll continue to take the least viable options in human relations – anger, threats, violence, and war.


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